Will your equipment damage grass or sidewalks when transported to the job-site?
No. Our machines are equipped with rubber tires, which allow us to drive them over grass without gouging and over sidewalks without leaving scratches.

Are the machines loud?

No. The noise output of our equipment is similar to that of a lawn tractor.
In an effort to keep noise pollution to a minimum, the manufacturer of our sifter has eliminated all steel on steel friction and replaced it with quiet urethane rollers to smoothly convey material to its hopper. Operating at levels of 79dB or less, it meets and/or exceeds all Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

Will my beach be free and clear of ALL debris post cleaning?
Not ALL.  The sifter removes nearly all debris, but smaller bits will remain, such as small leaf pieces, and other items smaller than ¼”, that will fall through the sifter with your sand.

Does Kobe Sand & Soil remove beach weeds as well?

Yes.  If your beach has weeds, Kobe Sand and Soil, LLC will gladly rototill the area prior to running the sifter through.  There is an additional fee should you choose to add this service.

Kobe Sand and Soil Beach Rototiller Services

Does the equipment clean wet sand, or sand at the water’s edge?

Not as well.  The equipment sifts the sand, so the wetter the sand, the more difficult it is to separate.  It’s best to have dry or damp sand for great results.

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